Rare Metal War (RMW) is an upcoming blockchain mech game and metaverse.
As a decentralized community focused project, RMW’s ecosystem is supported by and made for mech enthusiasts, toy collectors, robot fans and participants of ACG subculture (Animation, Comics and Games).


The collection exists of 10,000 genesis GA-JUN 3D mech NFTs.
GA-JUN NFTs represent the holder’s love for all things mech and their will to collaborate on RMW’s community-owned intellectual property. Together, GA-JUN holders create, challenge and explore all the exciting new things that Web3 has to offer.

The rich storyline in RMW centres around the GA-JUN mech.
Based in another space-time Earth, a post nuclear world under alien control, the GA-JUN represent the combined efforts of humans and the intelligent Anisaur animals to rid the planet of their evil invaders.

GA-JUN mech are built from rare metals found deep withing the Earth’s core.
Following the destruction of the planet’s previous currency, this special metal is an equally important resource for trade and for the production of rare equipment and weapons.

Now humanity’s sole chance of survival rests upon the extraction of rare metals to further grow their mech army in the hope of banishing the Syadsa aliens.

Do the daily tasks and fight against other players for the token rewards.

Various assets with unique design for better gaming pleasure and standing out from the rest!

Team up with friends and advance through ranks on arena.

Plan Kickooff

  • Create teams and propose developing plans
  • Build RMW worldview
  • The first Mech, GA-GUN launches
  • Establish strategic command base "RMW Community"
  • Launch RMW plan "announce official website"

Recruit Genesis Heroes

  • Recruit Genesis GA-JUN
  • Mech pilot intelligence makes public
  • Recruit strategic partners.
  • Everyone shall own a Mech
  • Continue developing the RMW worldview
  • Game screen release

Heroes Assembly

  • Airdrop materials
  • The armor of Mech makes public
  • Continue recruiting strategic partners
  • Seek after the Mechs which can change the world together
  • Expose World Finance Congress
  • Form the Mech Protector Alliance
  • Simulation fight "Beta release"

Save the World

  • Open to enter the RMW world "the Game Release"
  • Establish the Mech Constructing Center "The Mech creation"
  • Airdropping battle materials
  • Issue RMW currency
  • Merchandise planning
  • Strategic command autonomy
  • Release the battle reward plan
  • Fight against other worlds leagues
  • More Mechs join

Mech’s Spirit Non-Stop

  • Airdrop merchandise
  • The extension of RMW Genesis Story
  • The second RMW game starts to be planned

We are a blockchain development team who also love games. We are also looking for like-minded potential partners in the Metaverse. Should you be interested, please contact us without hesitation.